Client Love Notes

I love my clients.

We go beyond the checklist every single day for every single launch.

Take a look at what a few of my clients have to say about working with Virtual Matters.

Nancy Juetten
Podcast Guesting Success Expert

"Hallie Agostinelli and her team at Virtual Matters are my GO TO resources for launch support. They manage the back end of Kelly Roach's Live Launch Method as amazing professionals, while allowing me to put my emphasis on delivering game-changing content that also enrolls new clients.

After over a hundred launches, they know the drill and add value at every turn.

Worth every dollar you invest for the results you get back and the experience you welcome running successful launches of your own."

Diana Mantey
Facebook Ads Strategist

"I have worked alongside Hallie and her team on several launches. I am so impressed with them!  She is not only super knowledgeable about the technical parts of launches, she is also a great leader when faced with any challenges or bumps in the road. 

She is reliable, trustworthy, and a lot of fun to work with, which is always a good quality to have during the stress of a launch! She is the real deal in the launch world."

Michelle Lynne Pant
ML Interiors Group & Designed for the Creative Mind

“If you are looking for a badass launch manager, look no further! Hallie and her team are incredible. 

I have worked with Virtual Matters for over a year now on several launches and can't say enough about their consistency, energy and knowledge. Hallie is always looking for ways to improve each launch. 

My community loves working with the team as well -- they are the ultimate professionals."

Melanie Hershorn
Book Marketing Strategist & Coach for Nonfiction Writers

“Thank you SO much for all you have done. You are a cheerleader, a support system, a guru, an advisor, a pure genius and a friend all rolled into one. Hallie Agostinelli provided such incredible training for my Virtual Assistant to help me with my live launch.

The training is so thorough and fun and we refer back to it all the time! Hallie is a true genius when it comes to communication and knowing the right techniques for launching success. Thank you Hallie”

Eva Gregory
Founder of The Enlightened Business Success Academy

"I’ve been fortunate to have Hallie and her team at Virtual Matters supporting my Live Launches from the beginning.

Having a solid team of such warm human beings who are great at what they do tagging folks in my Facebook group, connecting with my community in the DMs, posting on social media and supporting me in creating relationships with my community has been invaluable!

I couldn’t do it without them, nor would I want to!

If you’re looking for someone to support your launches on Facebook, I highly recommend Virtual Matters! (You can thank me later.) 😊 Thank you Hallie”

Elyse Tager
Business Coach for Ambitious Female Leaders

"Hallie and her team are the secret of my success as an entrepreneur.

They are fabulous with their uber customer support, ninjas with social media, kept me from jumping off the ledge many times.

There is really nothing they can’t do!"

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