What I Learned After Being in Business For Two Years

business Apr 29, 2022

Wow, it has been quite the two years! 

About two years ago when the pandemic sent us all home, my hours got cut at my full time job. I took that time to take some extra work writing social media and next thing you know, I joined a coaching program to guide me on starting my own business. 

Two years later, I have supported over 150 live launches, grew a team of 5 and grossed almost $375k in revenue. All on accident! lol

As I look back over the past 24 months I realize how much I changed. I am not the same person I was before the pandemic - not just because of the actual pandemic - but because of this baby business that lives with me now. 

I thought I would share what I have learned and how it helped shape this newer version of Hallie. 



I had the worst people-pleasing boundary issues two years ago. I heard people talking about this idea of saying "no" to people and opportunities but I must not have been born with that gene. It became crystal clear to me a few months in but I did not listen to my mind/body/soul until late into my second year. OMG HOW FREEING IT IS and I do not feel guilty. I am still kind and supportive in the process of saying no or setting boundaries. I learned it is not a choice between them -- you can do both. 



My people-pleasing also met the need I had for people to like me, or at least to think highly of me. Man, oh man, when you support that many launches you can't help but end up with a handful that are not your fan (putting it nicely). That wrecked me to my core because I knew how hard I worked and how much of myself I gave. But I can honestly say today I am at peace with their version of me and no longer feel the burning passion to explain, defend or clarify. It is their truth and I am ok. No more stomach flips over unfavorable opinions. 



I have always been the best second-in-charge of an organization. Often wanted something of my own but for some reason could not step into that power. About a year in I realized I had my own opinions about launches and business in general and learned to state them with authority instead of getting approval/feedback/validation beforehand. I know what the EFF I am talking about and I am finally acting like the badass I have been all along. 


So many more changes took place but these three stand out the most. 

If you have been along this journey with me -- thank you! To those of you starting out, my wish is for you to get a jump start on these lessons! 

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