Smooth and Steady Improvements to Your Coaching Business

business coaching program operations May 10, 2022

There is a book titled 212, The Extra Degree that talks about the incredible difference 1 degree can make. It references the fact that at 211 degrees water is pretty hot – it brews a nice hot tea. But warm it just one degree more to 212 and it creates steam, which can power a locomotive. 


If you are an online coach with either a group program or high-ticket clients this is a good concept to keep in mind as you are developing and growing your program. Here is what I mean.


No matter what stage your coaching program is in, first or fifth year, you should keep an eye on ways to improve and adjust the features and processes for your program. You will get hits of brilliant ideas, you will get feedback from clients, you will see what others in the coaching space are doing – so many ideas! 


How do you decide what to implement, how often or how much to change when these ideas hit? 


My advice - take it 1 degree at a time. Here’s why:


It is smoother on your operation.

Your team needs the time and space to work out the changes, including implementation, communication and new tracking. Too many changes at once makes it hard to track their impact. Think of it like a science project with one variable at a time. 


It is smoother for your clients.

Your clients have their own lives and businesses on their mind. Making sweeping changes to their time and experience with you as their coach may feel simple to you, but it will take time for them to adjust. “Raising the temperature” 1 degree at a time helps.


It is smoother for the budget.

Some will love when you make updates to your program and some will not. You may have some attrition, which is a hit to the budget. Smaller changes leaves a smaller chance for this. Additionally, improvements or upgrades to a coaching program most often incur an expense, so be mindful of this. 


Running a living, breathing coaching program requires an openness to change and evolution. Just be mindful of how big and how often you level up – even 1 degree makes a huge impact!

Comment below to let me know what 1 degree of change means to your coaching program. I would love to hear your thoughts. 

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