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We offer more than your ordinary Facebook group admin support -- we help you create a community that impacts the lives of both you and your members. With our high-touch, detailed launch support services, you will be able to serve your community while we handle the minutia.



Choose from our most popular services below, or build your own custom package.

Launch Manager

$12,000 - 7 months/3 launches

Your launch manager will be supporting both your Facebook group and running your launches.

Social posts, launch preparation and promotion within the group, coordination with ads team and social sellers, full launch management and execution along with being the community manager before, during, and after the launch.

Don't launch that much? We can create a custom package for clients who launch quarterly, too.

Launch Mgr + Social Seller

$18,000 - 7 months/3 launches

In addition to serving in the LL Manager role, our team will also serve as a Launch Social Seller.

They will make meaningful connections with launch participants and support them from the time they register until they enroll in your signature program by following proven social selling techniques.

Your launch social seller will close clients in the DMs /email or book a call with you as needed.

Beyond the Launch


Beyond the Launch support takes our relationship to the next level: inside your program. We will fill the role of Community Manager in your private group to include social posts, communication, and engagement.

BTL support also includes the role of Client Support: onboarding, emails, updates to Kajabi, and all the daily questions that come along the way.

This support is a six-month contract

VIP Days

Launch Setup $2500- 5000

New to launching or need a refresh? Book our talented team to create a full set of launch graphics, workbook, emails, spreadsheets, and Asana project board. Pricing varies for semi- or full-custom.

Launch Audit $2500

Our experienced live launch team will review all launch assets, lives, emails, sales and registration pages, processes for admin and social selling. You will walk away with a blueprint of suggested improvements or adjustments.

Train Your Team $4000

Already have your dream team in place but need some training on launch support and social selling? We provide thorough and personalized training to get your team prepared for your launch. Included are all of our templates and Voxer support for your first launch.

Need something not listed? Let us know what launch support you need and one of our team members can help!


“Thank you SO much for all you have done. You are a cheerleader, a support system, a guru, an advisor, a pure genius and a friend all rolled into one.” 

Melanie Hershorn


I’m Hallie Agostinelli.

I am an expert at all things systems and strategy and nothing makes me happier than when I am supporting passionate, engaged entrepreneurs. I am a #spreadsheetnerd, lover of social media, and a self-improvement junkie. I have found my niche in the online business world and I am proud to say I am a recovering perfectionist.

In supporting over 130 live launches since 2020, I have perfected the methods, systems, and workflow to deliver an amazing launch experience to you and your community of people. I have an ambitious, high-quality team with a variety of talents and we look forward to supporting you. 

If you are looking for someone to be your Launch BFF, then I am your girl!


You Ready? Let's GO!

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