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Let's create life-changing launches together.


We offer more than your ordinary Facebook group admin support -- we help you create a community that impacts the lives of both you and your members. With our high-touch, detailed launch support services, you will be able to serve your community while we handle the minutia.



Choose from our most popular services below, or build your own custom package.

Live Launch Admin Assistant


Your LL Assistant will be on all live events, engage with members, follow strategic tagging methods, create & schedule pre-launch and launch posts, create daily launch events, and track engagement so you can focus on showing up live to serve and deliver amazing content.

Our team begins working with you two weeks prior to the launch.

Live Launch Admin + Social Selling


In addition to serving in the LL Admin role, your LL Assistant will also serve as a Social Seller. They will make meaningful connections with launch participants and support them from the time they register until they enroll in your signature program by following proven social selling techniques.

Our team begins working with you two weeks prior to the launch.

Live Launch Manager


Your LL Manager will oversee your launch from start to finish. Oversight would include launch strategy, landing pages, advertising, social media, graphics, emails, managing admin team + social sellers, tech set up, and launch execution. Your LL Manager will also work closely with your team to train on best practices.

Our team begins working with you six weeks prior to your launch.

Train Your Team

Community Mgr $800 // Launch Assistant $800 // Launch Social Seller $1000

Already have your dream team in place but need some training on launch support? We provide thorough training to get your team prepared for your launch and will be available via Voxer for follow up support.

Zoom screen sharing sessions and Templates galore

We offer a recorded preview to train concept & overview of the launch program and then train live over Zoom for technical aspects of the role. Sessions will be recorded and emailed to you and your team. We also include a Live Launch Trello board template, google sheet templates, basic launch post copy template, and post schedule templates.

Live Launch Add ons

Community Manager $600/mo Welcoming members into the group, engagement posts, tagging strategies, weekly live events, welcome messages + more

Workbook $150-250 - will turn your word document into branded and fillable pdf workbook (templated workbook personalized)

Launch graphics $250 - includes countdown for pre-launch, daily topic, 3 cover photos, homework, bonus topics, open cart, and countdown to close cart graphics (templated graphics personalized)

Launch emails $600- includes pre-launch and launch email content as well as loading into your email platform (templated emails personalized)


“Thank you SO much for all you have done. You are a cheerleader, a support system, a guru, an advisor, a pure genius and a friend all rolled into one.” 

Melanie Hershorn


I’m Hallie Agostinelli.

I am an expert at all things systems and strategy and nothing makes me happier than when I am supporting passionate, engaged entrepreneurs. I am a #spreadsheetnerd, lover of social media, and a self-improvement junkie. I have found my niche in the online business world and I am proud to say I am a recovering perfectionist.

In supporting over 100 launches since 2020, I have perfected the methods, systems, and workflow to deliver an amazing launch experience to you and your community of people. I have an ambitious, high-quality team with a variety of talents and we look forward to supporting you. 

If you are looking for someone to be your Launch BFF, then I am your girl!


You Ready? Let's GO!

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